Tools of the Trade

Speed & Precision


From sheetrock guns, sanders, drills and saws our innovative tools cut down time and increase our precision in all aspects of construction and remodeling.



Quality cannot be taken for granted. When we use a tool we expect it to do the same job it did when it was new. Our tools include top of the line, tried and true, Festool Equipment.

Dust control


Dust is every homeowners nightmare. All our saws, sanders, and  drills can be hooked up to one of our many Festool HEPA dust extracting vacuums.  This keeps dust to a minimum and reduces clean up time.

Take a Look

Check out Mike cutting perfect lines, in concrete, with NO DUST! Sawdust and plaster walls stand no chance.

Company Van

Organized System

Organization is key to efficiency. We take pride in a highly organized company and job site. A great system shortens the road to a goal. We believe we can increase productivity and save customers money on labor costs due to the efficiency of an organized system. 

I.   Before Start Date

     - Daily Tasks are pre-planned

     - Weekly strategy outlined

     - Our long term goals are set

II.  Upon Arival

     - Company vehicle is pre-loaded with necessary tools and materials 

     - Organized van creates easy access to tools

     - Multiple tools can be locked in together for efficient transportation

III. During Construction

     - High efficiency sanders, sheetrock guns, and saws

     - Most tools are hooked up to HEPA certified Vacumes

     - Clean up time greatly reduced